Custom desktop app python version

SG Desktop is running Python 3.7.11. SHOTGUN_PYTHON_VERSION is set to 3. However, custom desktop apps seem to be running Python 2.7. Where and how do I ensure that custom apps (and anything running from bundle_cache) run in Python 3.x?

To follow up, updating [config]/core/interpreter_[os].cfg to point to Shotgun’s python 3 path instead of Python 2 will ensure the app will run in python 3. For example, on windows, change C:\Program Files\Shotgun\Python\python.exe to C:\Program Files\Shotgun\Python3\python.exe in the file interpreter_Windows.cfg.

It looks like those interpreter files will be unnecessary after Nov 1st, 2022, when SG Desktop is updated to use python 3.9 by default: IMPORTANT NOTICE - Upcoming removal of Python 2.7 and 3.7 interpreter in ShotGrid Desktop

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