Shotgun Desktop: Cannot Import Name Authentication

I’m trying to launch Shotgun Desktop, but I get an Error: cannot import name authentication. This comes up after entering the correct credentials to connect to my Shotgun site. I’m able to connect through the browser, however. I’ve tried uninstalling Shotgun Desktop, deleting the shotgun folder in APPDATA\roaming, and reinstalling, but that doesn’t fix it. Has anyone run into this problem before?

Your error sounds like a Python-code issue. I would reckon, that checking your Pipeline Configuration entities will help:
My guess is, that you have at least one custom Pipeline Configuration in your SG, that produces this error. For some reason this -broken- Pipeline Configuration may be loaded by default.
To exclude this possibility, you may set the Project of all your pipeline-configurations temporarily to an inactive project or use the Restrict User field to an inactive user. That will make SG-Desktop load the tk-config-default and should allow you to start SG-Desktop again.
Once started, you can now re-enable one config after the other and then loading the project with the newly enabled configuration. Once you found the config, that causes this error, it may be easier to solve the issue.
I could also imagine that one config is using an outdated tk-core version.

Thanks for the suggestion mminsel. We’re on a pretty old version of Shotgun and it was indeed a Python-code issue.

It was fixed by recompiling the site directory.