Perforce friendly Multiple project roots

Hey all

Attempting to get a fully setup integration for Perforce going. Currently hitting a wall with templates and contexts when considering multiple project roots.

With our current perforce setup a user could have the project root on either D or E drive and we aren’t in a position to force one or the other.

I’ve so far tried splicing into the templates logic to replace the root when applying fields but this seems to be a mine field of downstream issues caused with contexts etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about handling this? I am even willing to take over tk-core if needed to achieve this.

Any advice here is appreciated.

Hi Justin!

This has been a long standing feature request. But you can find some hints on how to implement it here definitely not trivial. Good luck :smile_cat:


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Hey Fabian

Thanks for the links, they got me on a good path. Currently I am investigating using another trick I learnt from you: virtual drives.

I’ve set our SG site to point to an arbitrary drive letter and on the user side creating a virtual drive using the subst command on windows.

So far so good with this solve, SG hasn’t had any issues resolving templates or changing contexts on files within the virtual drive!

Cool! Good way to go about it! :smiley:

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