Is there a way to use separates file server from Shotgun GUI?

We are deploying SHOTGUN for a new project, not really much a studio with a long background in using SG.
I am trying to use 2 separate drives, one for 3D and one for 2D. I created a primary and secondary local file storage, added those to my roots.yml, now I can’t find a way to specify which storage to use when it is FX or Comp.
Help would be welcome to point me the right direction !

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Hi @Tanguy,

Here is the document for multi-root configure.

Please let us know if you have any problem.


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Hi @Tanguy,

You’re bringing up a valid point. I was struggling with setting up a similar environment.

It’s possible that you need to set up separate templates for both cases (FX and Comp). That would allow you to define a different root_name for each case.

I’m interested if this solves your issue.



Hey Christian,

After looking around and not being a Shotgun code capable Admin, I think that to use multi storage is not possible without a Schema.yml
The storage configuration in the interface is only to stipulate 2 different location, BUT that in any case allows us, simple human beings to leverage that attribute without a Schema.yml specifying with folders which storage to use. :frowning:
It is a bit frustrating to see an attribute available there but being totally useless if no custom Schema file created.
It is frustrating because you don’t really need to do it via the interface, you can do it by simply altering the file roots.yml with text editor.
So back to square one.
I think Shotgun team should think of a Custom Creator Script you can run at project creation and take the Admin (Simple human being) through those step and creating a Custom Schema.yml on the fly. Like:

1 - Do you want multi storage enabled ?
2 - Which Step would you like to attach to Storage A or B

bla bla.

The difficulty of Shotgun right now is that it is pretty much an expensive Google Sheet if not Customized. Not every small boutique, studio can afford a Company to tweak and Custom your SG pipeline, when they charge average 5 to 10K for starting point and put a 200 hours of maintenance behind that OR hire a full time shotgun developer. The entire price tag of the consulting is most of the time higher than the benefice of the project after completion. An nowadays with remote work etc, we can really use quite a lot of artists for very specific tasks, which at the end benefices from pipeline configuration like the one you or I are looking for.

My 2cts


Hello @Tanguy,

As a user of the Shotgun Toolkit I share your struggle. There are areas of the pipeline configuration that seem to have grown over time and it would be nice to see them refactored. I’ve seen veteran software developers struggling to customize the Shotgun Toolkit.

Regarding the issue at hand, I believe you’re correct. Besides the changes to the template.yml which I mentioned in my comment above there are definitely changes required to the schema which needs to incorporate the new root.

If you have any further questions I’m happy to share the limited experience I have with this feature.