RV ShotGrid integrations really slow starting with RV 2022


We have 3 versions of RV installed: 2021.0.2, 2022.3.1 and 2023.0.1.

We login via our SG server for licensing. In 2021, the login window is fast and smooth. In 2022/23, it’s sticky and slow (even just typing characters can have a delay between the key press and the dialog detecting the key press).
That performance varies between days.
On good days, logging in from 2022 will take ~35s, on bad days, it can take up to 12 minutes (today is a particularly bad day, it’s been stuck for a good 10min already).
From 2021, it takes about 20s to log-in, consistently, every day.

SG Browser in RV is also a bit slower in 2022/23, though it’s not quite as much of a difference as with the sign in dialog.

All RV versions are installed locally on the same local NVME drive, OS is Windows 10.
There seems to be a correlation between the slow downs and the PYHTONPATH env variable (for 2022+ only). I’ve run different variations of environments for days but can’t seem to find a definite answer of what’s slowing it down, it seems to be purely about the length of the python path, not what’s in it.

I will continue testing but was wondering if anyone else is aware of any slow downs?


Even we are facing similar issue, the RV has been very slow and especially loading the files and reviewing it is taking more time than it has to be while using with shotgrid browser. Looking for solutions if anyone has one.

Happy to say that 2024 fixes it for us

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