RV : Shotgrid "Launch Browser" not working since migration

Hi there,
I’ve just taken a look at the latest RV 2021.1.0 on linux, and when I launch it, then from the Shotgrid menu, select “Launch Browser”, the login appears to be broken on a number of counts :-

  1. The browser shows a “Sign in to Autodesk Identity”, but the buttons are not clickable. There is a spinning wheel icon over them. I am able to use keyboard shortcuts to proceed though, so on to…
  2. The password field of the Autodesk Identity webpage that loads in to the RV interface doesn’t allow the input of non alphanumeric characters (specifically periods). Ctrl+v also does not work. I have to right-click and paste my password in to proceed.
  3. On having my credentials accepted, instead of the normal screening room gui opening, I’m presented with the actual SG projects webpage instead.

Is this something wrong with our configuration locally? Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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