RV takes 5+ mins to load some first launches?

Hey Guys,

I am noticing that RV is taking 400secs total during first launches, are there toolkit updates to the shotgun desktop that can result in a slower load? or does it download something when something on the backend is updated? I went to launch RV 7.9 this morning and it took 200secs, 200secs to fully initialize shotgun toolkit, then it just HUNG. So i re-launched it, and it launched in 1min~… Is there anyway to know what causes this long load, seemingly at random times?

initial launch that hung
new launch after closing the hung session:

i am getting certificate errors? possibly its hung trying to authenticate?

but it is throwing those errors even now when it is launching within 1min…

then once RV seems to be at a consistent loading time, the “Shotgun > launch browser” then has a “cache time”? where it hangs for 2-3mins then it’s fast the next time it is initialized?

Let me know,

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Hello Ross,

We believe we have identified the source of the issue you’re experiencing and we are currently working on a fix.

In the mean time, we think that by setting the following environment variable to 0, you should stop seeing this issue:

in a bash shell on mac or linux:

or on Windows:

If you could let us know when you get the chance if this work around works or not that would be great as it would confirm our suspicions.



Hey Bernie,
Thanks for the fast response.
I have added this environment variable fix to the pipeline and will monitor it, see if speed increases.
Let me know when/if the problem is fully resolved would love to test a new version.

Hey Ross,

Would you mind telling us what version of RV and OS you’re using, out of curiosity and for tracking purposes?