RV review cuts with audio

aloha everyone,
I just finished integrating Shotgun Cuts which is an awesome feature!
I’m now trying to get audio working.
My idea is to review the cut in RV as usual but add in a new source with only audio bounced out of hiero as wav 16bit, 48kHz. Unfortunately, the imported audio plays back for each CutItem present in the RV sequence.
Does anybody knkow how to circumvent this?

If this would work I would go ahead and upload the audio bounce to the SG Cut as a new field and customize the RV-Shotgun integration to also add in that wave file.


PS: would love to see SG cuts being implemented in the Client Review Page :wink:

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Hi Tony,

Thanks for writing in. That sounds awesome. We’ve heard similar ideas presented on how to handle audio separately.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a current way to handle this in our shotgun cut integration.

If I could get you to submit a feature request for this (and the client review note)? Here’s some info on how you can submit a feature request.

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Hey Michael, thanks for answering.
I see… but do you know if RV itself is capable of doing so? No need to have it integrated in the cut integration already. But it would be nice if there would be a way to add audio to the RV sequence manually for now.

Sure… I’ll submit a feature request later this day. :slight_smile:

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I managed to make it work manually. I just bounced wave files for each shot in the cut (same length as the version linked to the cut item) out of HIERO and added them as a new layer for each shot played back in RV simply by drag/drop. Works for me :man_shrugging:

I now want to automate this but I need a little help I’m afraid. I think I already found the code which handles opening a Cut entity in RV.
This should be in the external_gma_play_entity method of sgtk_bootstrap.py inside of RV’s engine. This is a callback called by the RVLINK protocol… rvlink:// -sendEvent 'gma-play-entity' '{"protocol_version":1,"server":"https://SOMESTUDIO.shotgunstudio.com","type":"Cut","ids":[CUT_ID]}''

However, I can’t find the code that actually handles this event internally.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


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