Shotgun Review for RV, Screening Room for RV, Shotgun Toolkit... WHICH ONE IS IT?

We are very very very confused as to why we cannot launch any cuts in RV. :confused:


All the pages I come across have conflicting info that does not match to what I see in RV’s packages viewer…

For example:

In RV 2021 there is no such package called Shotgun Review

This page contains info that seems no longer relevant

The Shotgun “Play in RV” button on the cuts pages is greyed out and mentions
"rv won't properly play cuts if shotgun review for rv is disabled"

I have gone through the settings multiple times, switching things on and off but I cannot get this button to work…

It seems like it’s currently a bit of a mess… can someone please guide us to a current document on how to make RV Launch from the cuts page???

This is what RV 2021.0.2’s package viewer looks like, no Shotgun for RV package to be found…:


Hey Ricardo,
I’m sorry I can’t help you directly. We are trying to figure this out as well.

All I know is, that SG Review has been deprecated in RV 7.9. and until we can figure out how to incorporate cutItem support in RV 2021 we are using RV 7.8

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Yeah it seems to be very messy atm…

Any idea where I can download RV 7.8? (Windows)