Playing a Specific Cut in RV

The above post is tremendously helpful but… The “Play in Screening Room for RV” option will always play the versions in their entirety. What I oftentimes need is to play a specific Cut, with only Cut Item In ~ Cut Item Out frames playing in the timeline. This is possible in browser, which is awesome. I just would love the same functionality in RV. Screening Room for RV doesn’t seem to do that? Am I looking at wrong places?

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Bump for visibility. Can someone in support respond please?

So is screening room for RV looking at the sg_first_frame and sg_last_frame fields?

If you are unsure, could you test to see changing those numbers changes the frames it plays inside RV?

if it does, I would report it as a bug:

I think the issue is that when playing a cut in RV, it simply doesn’t load anything. You then need to browse to load the Versions.

What I currently observe is…

  1. In Media when I right click on a Cut - or if I click the little arrow on upper right in the Cut detail page - the “Play in RV” option is always gray. If I hover my mouse over it, I get the “ShotGrid Review for RV is disabled”. However it’s enabled on our site.
  2. By clicking “Play in Screening Room for RV” I get taken to Screening Room in RV, but the Cut doesn’t load. I don’t think Screening Room for RV is looking at the Cut entity at all - I get to load Sequences but not Cuts. And playing Sequences means every Version gets played from beginning to end, with no regard to their sg_first_frame or sg_last_frame.
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Once I have some downtime I’ll try and confirm if I can see the same thing.

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Looking for the same ability - playing a CUT in RV and I agree - screening room for RV doesn’t load CUTs

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Latest finding: I can play a cut in RV now!
The method isn’t all that straightforward. What I had to do was starting with “Play in Screening Room in RV”, and then conjuring the cut tray within that screening room GUI. In the end, it works…

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