Playing a Specific Cut in RV

The above post is tremendously helpful but… The “Play in Screening Room for RV” option will always play the versions in their entirety. What I oftentimes need is to play a specific Cut, with only Cut Item In ~ Cut Item Out frames playing in the timeline. This is possible in browser, which is awesome. I just would love the same functionality in RV. Screening Room for RV doesn’t seem to do that? Am I looking at wrong places?

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Bump for visibility. Can someone in support respond please?

So is screening room for RV looking at the sg_first_frame and sg_last_frame fields?

If you are unsure, could you test to see changing those numbers changes the frames it plays inside RV?

if it does, I would report it as a bug:

I think the issue is that when playing a cut in RV, it simply doesn’t load anything. You then need to browse to load the Versions.

What I currently observe is…

  1. In Media when I right click on a Cut - or if I click the little arrow on upper right in the Cut detail page - the “Play in RV” option is always gray. If I hover my mouse over it, I get the “ShotGrid Review for RV is disabled”. However it’s enabled on our site.
  2. By clicking “Play in Screening Room for RV” I get taken to Screening Room in RV, but the Cut doesn’t load. I don’t think Screening Room for RV is looking at the Cut entity at all - I get to load Sequences but not Cuts. And playing Sequences means every Version gets played from beginning to end, with no regard to their sg_first_frame or sg_last_frame.
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Once I have some downtime I’ll try and confirm if I can see the same thing.

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Looking for the same ability - playing a CUT in RV and I agree - screening room for RV doesn’t load CUTs

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Latest finding: I can play a cut in RV now!
The method isn’t all that straightforward. What I had to do was starting with “Play in Screening Room in RV”, and then conjuring the cut tray within that screening room GUI. In the end, it works…

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No idea why playing something in context of a cut in shotgrid is such a mess.

There must be like 3 or 4 ways, none work properly, all provide different levels of functionality and feedback and all are over-complicated and unintuitive. And before depreciating anything, provide a viable replacement.

Currently RV and screening room for RV are the only tools with enough options to playback at a decent quality etc but the cut system is a mess.

Here’s a suggestion for the simplest approach, assuming RV:

Have a preference / hotkey for whether the version plays by itself or in context.

If context, find the latest associated cut for the version/sequence and drop it in there.

Have additional preferences for whether you want the latest versions to be shown of anything referenced by the cut. And a hot key for toggling between newer and older versions of the file in question.

How hard can it be?

That would be enough for me to be able to proper reviews in a whole show.