RV 7.9.2 Release is available!

Version 7.9.2 (RELEASE - January 26, 2021)

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  • Fixed an issue where using “commands.setSourceMedia” API or the “File / Replace Source Media…” menu option, the media was replaced in the Player but the timeline positioner reset itself at frame 19. In previous releases, the clip would be replace properly and the timeline positioner would stay on the “current” frame.
  • Resolved issue when Clone Synced was done twice, it wasn’t re-opening in the same session.
  • Resolved loading media issue when using Clone Synced RV with two 2 medias in the same source node.
  • Application won’t freeze anymore when drag-and-dropping media as Layer over existing source inside Player.
  • Fixed an issue where API call addSourceVerbose() froze RV if more than 1 element was added to its array.
  • Resolved an issue where RV could not load an image file sequence along with an audio clip through command-line.
  • Resolved issue with rvpush where command arguments were misinterpreted.
  • Resolved issue where RV Pipeline Group Nodes of the same type were not deterministically ordered.

do you have any plans on implementing OCIO2 in Rv ?