RV 2024.0.1 Release is available!

Release Date: February 7th, 2024

Download available here .

The latest patch for RV 2024 has been released, and addresses an issue with packaging and installation from the original 2024 release. This update does not introduce any major changes.

hiya, latest release has the wipe bug again on mac silicon at least. When you use tools->wipe it crashes

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Hello Cameron,

I was able to reproduce the issue and this is entirely my fault: the fix that was done in RV 2023.0.1 to address this issue, was not carried over to Open RV because at that time, it was a manual process. My bad.

There is a work around:
Set the following env var to 0:

I am also working on publishing a pre-release RV build containing that fix which will be available on feedback.autodesk.com once I am done.
I can add you to the RV pre-release program to access it if you wish.




Yes please! Thank you Bernie and no sweat! I thought it might slip under the radar!



OK I just posted in feedback.autodesk.com the RV Pre-Release build containing the build and invited you to the RV Pre-Release program (sometimes this invite ends up in junk emails so you might want to look there)

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Downloaded. Installed. Tested. Works great on my m2 mac running sonoma! Thank you again!

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Hey @bernie ! Iā€™d be interested in testing this as well!
Daily driving an M1 Max MacBook Pro :smiley: