RV 2024.0.0 Release is available!

Release Date: January 25th, 2024

Download available here .

We’re happy to present you with RV 2024, the first RV release to be based on the Open RV open source project. RV 2024 has been built and packaged to align with Open RV wherever possible. Differences remain in areas like video I/O and codecs due to licensing constraints.


  • RV 2024 no longer supports Port Audio on Linux. [SG-30565]
  • RV 2024.* will be last release to support CentOS
  • RV 2024 no longer have the option to prompt License Manager. See documentation on how to use RV with legacy standalone license.


New Supported Operating Systems

  • RV 2024 requires macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) or later. [SG-31055]
  • RV 2024 is now also compatible with Rocky Linux 9. [SG-31898]
  • See RV requirements page for the list of supported operating systems.

New Functionalities

  • 10-bit display output format is now available on Mac. Enable it in RV > Preferences > Rendering. [SG-33142]
  • Improved error reporting for cases where the Player cannot load the media. [SG-31791]
  • The new ShotGrid App Session Launcher is now the method to authenticate and license RV. [SG-31626]
  • RV now outputs its session logs to disk. [SG-31068]
  • The available debugging options for RV are now listed with the --help option when you launch the application from command line. [SG-30895]
  • When you unload or uninstall a package using the Preferences panel, RV now informs you about packages that require the removed package to function properly. [SG-30562]
  • The x264 encoder is updated with the latest version, and now supports encoding H.264 in 10 bits. [SG-30293]

SDK and API Updates

  • RV 2024 has been refreshed to comply with the CY2023 VFX Reference Platform (https://vfxplatform.com/)
    – RV is compiled with gcc 11.2.1 on Linux. [SG-31054]
    – Boost library was updated to version 1.80. [SG-31058]
    – Visual Studio tools for application were updated to version 2022. [SG-31056]
    – OCIO has been updated to OCIO v2.2.1. Note that OCIO rendering is still using the legacy api… [SG-29427]
  • SGTK in RV has been updated to v0.20.30. [SG-33761]
  • FFmpeg has been updated from 4.2.1 to 4.4.3. [SG-31980]
  • The R3D SDK has been updated to version 8.4.0. [SG-31899]
  • Qt was updated to version 5.15.14. [SG-31010]
  • Python has been updated to version 3.10.12. [SG-31057]
  • BMD Desktop Video Application was updated to latest: 12.5.1. [SG-29837]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which will adjust the Info Strip tool to scale with selected resolution when outputting on broadcast monitor. [SG-33324]
  • We have updated RV’s PYTHONPATH to prioritize bundled items and remove non-existent entries. This resolves clashes with user site directory installations and improves package search efficiency by avoiding slow network paths. [SG-33266]
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the RVIO tool to fail loading media on CentOS 7. [SG-33119]
  • Fixed an issue about frames not keeping their relative positions when comparing two ShotGrid versions in RV. [SG-32967]
  • Fixed an issue where “Open Media from ShotGrid” property was not persisted in RV prefs… [SG-31702]
  • Fixed an issue where the “Fit Window to First Media Loaded” option would be bypassed if RV_PROGRESSIVE_SOURCE_LOADING environment variable is enabled. [SG-31696]
  • Fixed a crash which would occur when creating a new viewable stack from the layers of a source in the Session Manager. [SG-31611]
  • Fixed an issue related to the BMD Decklink Device Profile where no matter which sub-device was selected in RV, RV was always using the first one. Note that this fix resulted in the BMD DeckLink sub-device(s) to be persisted under a different name. This means that any pre-RV2024 Blackmagic video output settings might have to be redone in RV2024 if their names differ.
    In RV 2023, the Blackmagic video output RV prefs are stored under:
    “BlackMagic/DeckLink Pro 8K”
    whereas in RV 2024, the Blackmagic video output RV prefs are stored under:
    “BlackMagic/DeckLink Pro 8K(1)”. [SG-31560]
  • Fixed a potential crash when loading a multi-files source with mixed availability.
    Example: audio file present on local storage but associated video file missing from local storage. [SG-31545]
  • Fixed an issue where Participants in a Live Review session would not get playback update once enabling the audio scrub option. [SG-31350]
  • Fixed an issue where EXR sequences would show corruption in the Player if the sequence in question was incomplete. [SG-30350]
  • Fixed issues where RV was not able to load incomplete EXR files. [SG-32846]
  • Fixed an issue where using the -noPrefs argument was inadvertently resetting preferences. [SG-29680]
  • Fixed an issue where drag and dropping a Version from SG to RV would return an error and not load the media. [SG-26567]
  • Fixed an issue where the BMD output broadcast would show corruption when using a 4K timing with a RGB 12-bits output format. [SG-26122]
  • Fixed an issue where rvpush would fail to merge clips if the tag name contained special characters. [SG-25834]
  • Fixed an issue where the ShotGrid menu would not appear in other instances of RV running on the same platform. [SG-25485]

Congrats on this big release! Looks like a lot of work went into it!
I have one question regarding:

Do I understand this correctly that we cannot use 2.x ocio configs with RV? So the base library has been updated, but the rendering logic on top still needs to be improved to support it?

Thanks again for the hard work!


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Thanks Fabian! We hope you will enjoy it!

To answer your question about OCIOv2, until we move away from the legacy API, we cannot 100% guaranty that all the OCIO 2.x configs will work with RV 2024, but the basic support is present and we believe most of them will be supported. As for the rendering, we are still using the legacy API.



Thanks for the swift answer! Will do some tests then! :slight_smile:

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Hello, will this be the same with RV 2024: IMPORTANT: RV 2023.0.0 is no longer backward compatible with previous releases of RV in regards to Live Review sessions. This means that an RV 2023 cannot connect to a Live Review session to which pre-2023 RVs are already connected. The inverse is also true: a pre-2023 RV cannot connect to a Live Review session where a 2023 RV is already connected.

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Hi Rafael,

We recommend that all participants within the same Live Review session uses the same version of RV. Mixing RV releases in that context is not something we cover on our side. Also, some issues could occur when mixing older release of RV due to updates made in different area of RV 2024.


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Hi !
What a great surprise ! Thank you for the update, we’re are looking forward to try it out and use it.

The download links for 2024 all seem to be broken.
I get this error message:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Looking forward to test this when the links are up and running again, thanks !


A couple bug reports we are finding on RV 2024.0.0

Presentation devices on Apple Silicon do not work. We can now see the screens listed as “CG Display #” and they go to black when activating presentation mode, but no video will be output to them.

Caching stops working after a while as-if there were missing frames on a mov file independently of the caching mode. Audio also stops working after manipulating the frame rate and then returning to the file’s original one.



The RV download links on ShotGrid | RV have been restored.
We apologize for the delay !

No problem, thank you !!!

Presentation Device with Apple Silicon is still not functioning, despite the preference window was able to display video devices’ names

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