RV 2024.1.0 Release is available!

Release Date: March 26th, 2024

Download available here.

Here is the latest release of RV, now known as Flow Production Tracking RV 2024.1.0! This release introduces support for the NDI (Network Device Interface) video output. This output allow you to stream video over your network to NDI video monitors.

RV 2024.1.0 also includes fixes for critical issues, as well as improvements for stabilization and to improve security.


  • NDI is now a supported Video Output Device. To output a NDI signal, in the Video tab of the RV Preferences, set the Output Module to NDIModule. To view an NDI broadcast, use tools such as the NDI Monitor from the NDI Core Suite. See the “NDI as a Video Output” section below for more information. [SG-27621]
  • RV now leverages the new OCIOv2 GPU Processor implementation for better accuracy and improved functionalities (Before the 2024.1.0 release, RV used the legacy OCIOv2 GPU processor.) [SG-34169].
  • Python updated to version 3.10.13. [SG-34286]
  • Qt updated to version 5.15.16. [SG-33656]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which would create an FPS offset to clips exported from RV. [SG-34484]
  • Fixed a crash which would occur when manipulating the Wipe tool when comparing to versions coming from Flow Production Tracking. [SG-34582]
  • Fixed an issue which would cause exports using the libx264 codec libraries to have wrong color values. [SG-34727]
  • Fixed an issue around the playback performance of Apple ProRes media when using a high volume of reader threads. [SG-34741]
  • Fixed an issue where the terminal would report false error flags when using RVIO to export media. [SG-34316]
  • Fixed an issue where on Linux, the RV icon would no longer appear in the window’s title bar. [SG-34378]
  • Fixed a performance issue where the OCIO color conversions were slower than with previous versions of RV. [SG-34921]

Known Issues

  • An issue that causes errors when reloading a baked Display View Transform while using an OCIOv2 configuration. [SG-34802]
  • In some cases, the NDI streams from RV cannot be seen by the NDI tools on macOS. [SG-34905]
  • Intermittent audio synchronization issues during playback in Presentation Mode with a BMD device. [SG-34860]

NDI as a Video Output

RV now supports the NDI® protocol developed by NewTek.

The broadcast is an 8-bit compressed stream, @ up to UDHTV/60p, enough for monitoring and review. It can be broadcast from a Windows, Linux or macOS workstation, but can be viewed only on macOS or Windows. For more details, see NDI® (https://www.ndi.tv/).

Setting up RV for NDI Video Output:

  1. Open the RV Preferences.
  2. Open the Video tab.
  3. Set Output Module to NDI Module
  4. Check off the “Use as Presentation Device” option
  5. Optionnally check off the “Output Audio to this Device” option

In RV, activate the NDI Output (Presentation Mode) via the “View/Presentation Mode” RV menu.

Viewing an NDI Video Output

Anyone on the same network as the RV network can view an NDI video output.

To view an NDI video output, one needs:

NDI Video Monitor (macOS) or NDI Studio Monitor (Windows), a product from Newtek, and both part of the NDI Tools. It must be installed on a macOS or Windows workstation.
Access to the RV network.

To view the Video Output:

Start NDI Video Monitor (macOS) or NDI Studio Monitor (Windows).
From the application menu, select an NDI stream.
It detects any NDI stream on the network. If you can’t see your broadcast, then the broadcaster and the receiver are not on the same network.


Does this address the wipe compare issue on Sonoma macs?

Hi Cameron,

Are we talking about the following issue?:

  • Fixed a crash which would occur when manipulating the Wipe tool when comparing to versions coming from Flow Production Tracking. [SG-34582]

If so, yes. I just gave it a try on my side using the release of RV 2024.1.0 on Sonoma 14.3.1.


Yes that’s the one! didn’t see that listed my bad! thank you!

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We are still encountering the same issues on Apple Silicon.
Also we tried taking a look at the NDI tools as a workaround but seems like they don’t work either on Apple Silicon :frowning:

If there are any beta releases in the short term, I’d be more than delighted to take a look and test out :slight_smile:


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Step 4. should this read uncheck for default display, and check on for NDI Output ?

Ah that’s what I was missing - thank you Ant - and it still needs CTRL-P to start presentation mode


piggybacking on this. Presentation Mode is still not working on Apple Silicon- cmd+P only brings a black screen to designated presentation device, no video or anything.

Is there any workaround?

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