RV Upgrade to 2022.2.0 from 7.6.0 crashes on Mac OS 10.13.6

Trying to upgrade my RV version on my iMacPro, but it crashes immediately when starting:

ese$ /Applications/RV.app/Contents/MacOS/RV
INFO: real-time thread priorities set (bus=100000kHz)
Version 2022.2.0, built on Mar 31 2022 at 06:47:10 (HEAD=4170f15ce). (L)
Copyright (c) 2022 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.
Abort trap: 6

7.6.0 works fine. 2022 fresh install on another machine works fine.

Maybe some config files that don’t translate well? Where would I find these?

Thanks, Alex

You can try running the new RV from the terminal with -resetPrefs.

It should be something like:

/Applications/RV.app/Contents/MacOS/rv -resetPrefs (forgive me, not in front of my mac in case that’s not exactly right)

Thanks Michael. That didn’t work for me, still get the Abort trap: 6 error