RV 7.6 Ubuntu startup error


Hi everyone!

I have a problem starting RV on Ubuntu 18.04
RV crashes with an error message:

Version 7.6.0, built on Dec 12 2019 at 03:52:27 (HEAD=02e1726). (L)
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rv.bin: /local/S/jenkins/media-and-entertainment/shotgun-rv/master-rv/rv-gcc-release-qt-python/metasrc/PySide2/shiboken/shiboken2/libshiboken/signature.cpp:564: int add_more_getsets(PyTypeObject*, PyGetSetDef*, PyObject**): Assertion `strcmp(gsp->name, “doc”) == 0’ failed.
Dump path: /tmp/7954e949-e19c-5d32-342881c2-52421588.dmp
Aborted (core dumped)

Should RV be compatible with Ubuntu or I have to replace some libs or smth else?

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