RV 2022.2.0 Release is available!

Release date: March 30, 2022

Download available here.

IMPORTANT: RV 2022 is the last version of RV to support Python 2, aligning with other Autodesk M&E products like Maya, 3ds Max, and Flame. Starting with version 2023, RV will support Python 3 exclusively.

Export OTIO

RV now supports writing OpenTimelineIO (OTIO) files using a package that is installed and loaded by default. All schemas available in the current version (0.15) of OTIO are supported. If a stack, track or source is selected in the UI, then the OTIO Export menu will be enabled, and when exported, all top-level nodes under the selected node will be exported to OTIO.

For writing custom OTIO schemas, a hook system that integrates with the native OTIO hooks is provided allowing RV nodes to be translated into OTIO schemas. The hook system can also be used to call a pre- or post-hook whenever a particular RV node is being processed for custom handling of that node or its properties.

Other improvements

  • RV branding updates.
  • The new environment variable RV_OCIO_3D_LUT_SIZE can be set to increase the default 3D LUT size of 32 for OCIO processing.
    export RV_OCIO_3D_LUT_SIZE=65
  • Import OTIO: Added the possibility to skip over certain tracks or schemas using the pre-hook script.

Hi, I have installed Rocky Linux 8.5 and I got all major 3D DCC to work without issue, including Maya 2022.3 & 2023. But when I try to run Rv I get a mismatching library error:

“./rv.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libgcrypt.so.11: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

This is correct as ldd on the system reports: “libgcrypt.so.11 => not found”

But Rv 2022.2.0 comes with 69 libraries so one more won’t hurt :slight_smile:

Rocky Linux 8.5 has does have libgcrypt installed, but this is a newer version that isn’t ABI compatible with the earlier libgcrypt.so.11.

The version I got installed are:

So long story short: Can you please provide the missing libgcrypt.so.11 or compile against the newer libgcrypt.so.20?



Hi Oskar,

RV is only supported on CentOs. It is on the roadmap to qualify RV on the next Linux distribution but I can’t tell when this going to happen.



Well it’s the exact same issue with Centos 8.5, or is the spec still only Centos 7.X ?

I gave up and just took the following lib files from an existing Centos 7.x install and copied to the lib folder and that seams to work fine for me at least. :slight_smile:


Just in case anyone else want to stay a bit more current than Centos 7.x


RV branding updates

That’s about the ugliest logo I have ever seen. What is this, Microsoft Excel? And what’s with the big S - not all Rv users use Shotgun

Hey Oskar, having the same issue, but no Cent7 available, can you zip me up missing libs and shoot them to some share ?


Will this version fix the quantization banding error with OCIO LUTs?

We are running into issues with subtle gradients and banding in some shots and don’t see it happening in Nuke. We are currently running RV v2021.1.0 on CentOS - 7



We just installed it 2002.2.0 and the banding issue has been sorted. Thanks SG and Autodesk!