OCIO GPU, OCIO V2, LUT resolution and artefacts

Hello guys,
When we load an ACEScg exr in Rv and display it in P3D65 (ACES) using OCIO, we can some see artefacts in the sky :
That do not appear in the Nuke Viewer (using OCIO as well) :
We believe this is related to the use of GPU LUTs in Rv. We have tried to increase the resolution of the GPU LUT but could not get a match below a resolution of 512x512x512 (as opposed of 32x32x32 now). Which makes this solution very heavy for the users.

We have some questions :

  • Any plans on implementing OCIO V2 ? And if yes, when ?
  • Any plans on running LUTs in CPU (like Nuke) ?
  • Is it a matter of implementing OCIO differently in our pipeline ? Or using a shaper log space ?

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Would love know how RV banding with OCIO could be improved. I believe the same issue was described before in this old post https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115004864893-Strong-banding-with-OCIO-in-RV-known-OCIO-issue-

Thanks Luke for the link ! This thread was from more than three years ago. Hopefully we could expect some improvements soon (OCIO V2 maybe ?).


Hello again,
it looks like that Kevin @ Autodesk gave a presentation at the ASWF Review and Approval meeting a week or so ago about their line of products which did indicate a migration to OCIO v2 as a goal for future versions of RV.

Could we anyone confirm that ? Can we have access to the meetings’ notes ? Is there any roadmap ?


Hi!! We suffer from the same issue; banding when using a custom LUT via OCIO, are there any news about this? is there a way to tell RV to use Ocio via CPU instead of GPU ? Maybe monkeypatching to ocio v2 ? We are using 7.9.2

Thanks in advance!

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My apologies @macbeth , my knowledge on that part of RV is close to nil.


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Any news on this? RV is currently unusable for us because of the banding and colour errors we’re getting with one of our current shows.

Would be lovely to get an update on when RV is likely to support OCIO v2. Anyone from Autodesk/RV able to comment?


Any news on this ?
This is quite big for us and could justify a switch to another viewer.

I just saw this from the 2022.2.0 release notes:

We don’t have it installed yet so can’t confirm if it solves our issues yet, but I’ll report back when we know.

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