RV 2022.1.0 Release is available!

Release date: March 9, 2022

Download available here.

SDI Broadcast Improvements

When using the BlackMagic Design Decklink cards on Linux & Windows, or when using other external cards such as the UltraStudio 3G on Mac, it’s now possible to output to a 12 Bit RGB format!

AJA SDK Update

The AJA SDK version has been updated to 16.2. This update allows the support of the Apple Silicon (M1) in RV. This AJA SDK update also fixes a bug with SDI Broadcast receiving a YUV color space when RV was set to output 10 or 12 bit Dual Link RGB.

Other bug fixes

  • 2FA login setup is not hanging anymore for users with a physical connected device as primary access point.
  • RV doesn’t crash anymore while closing when installing a new license.
  • OTIO import is now working with relative paths.
  • Fixed intermittent crashes during RVSync sessions.