RV 2021.0.2 Release is available!

Download available here!


• New RV command has been added: setSessionFileName(void;string)
Set the internal .rv file name for the session.
This does not save a session on disk. This is useful for defaulting the
File>Save to a location for a file that you wish to overwrite by default.


• Fix an issue that would cause a RV Network session to goes out of sync when multiple participants were joining.
• Fix crash on playback with media containing unsupported number of audio tracks
• Fix slight window size difference when Screening Room is enabled and when it is not.
• Error import import OpenGL library in RV python console

This error happens because as of MacOS Big Sur, copies of dynamic libraries are no longer present in the file system. This is an issue within python and will be fixed in python 3.9.

To get around this issue for now you can follow the following steps:

  1. Close RV and open ctypesloader.py located here:

  2. Change the line (line 35 in loadLibrary):
    fullName = util.find_library( name )
    fullName = ‘/System/Library/Frameworks/’+name+’.framework/’+name

  3. Reopen RV and the issue should be gone.

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