Reuse a Designed Page on another Project

Hi there,

I designed some pages (Shot, Asset, Project, Episode…) on a project A, and would like to use those page designs on a project B.

I tried to do a “Save as” on my page designs, but I can’t find a way to load those designs.

How would I do that?



Hi @benwall,

You can’t do this on a per page basis but if project A is setup the way you like it you can apply configurations on a per project basis from A to B if you wish.

Here is some documentation about that:


Hey @bouchep, what if @benwall saved the view of the page from Project A as his global default for Shots, Assets, etc? This assumes that you’d want that setup on all projects & pages of course, and if it’s a big studio that might not be feasible, but would that do the trick? (This assumes Project B can’t be restarted from Project A without setting things back a bunch.)

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Does this copy only the website configuration (pages, design, statuses, tracking setting, etc), or does this modify Shotgun Integration Configuration as well? What about Entity links?

This could be a solution for me, but I want to be sure of what this does as it is not undoable.


These global defaults are only applied when you create a new page of that type. E.g. if you created a new custom Shots page, it would inherit the initial layout from that global default. When starting a new Project, the layout of the default Shots page in that Project is instead inherited from the Template Project you select at the time of creation.

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Hey there,

I have been using @bouchep solution, but doing that will create copies of pages with designs. The problem is that it also change website url pages: the designe of the Page Shot from project A won’t be applied to the page Shot of project B: the whole page shot of project B will actually be recreated and url will change.

This mean that any url used outside of shotgun (bookmarks of all users, wiki, etc) must be changed every time I need to apply a design from one page to the other.

Is there any way to simply save a designed page from a project A and apply it to an already existing page of the same type on a project B without changing the url of the page for every users?




Hey Ben,

Currently there is not a way to atomically copy the page layout from one page to another. I’d recommend submitting a request directly to our product team.