Save custom page view to other project?

I have multiple projects going on in shotgrid, and I made custom page views in one of them with custom page filters and such. My goal is to save those custom pages I designed to the other projects as well, to have the same view of those, but I can only save the page views in the projects I created them in. If I choose “save as”, I have the option to save the page to another project, but it doesn’t show up in the default views, only in Project pages, which is not the place where I would want them to be.
Is there a way I can maintain multiple projects’ views at the same time, without creating them all over again, or reapplying templates?
For example, I have several views in the Versions page, and If I “save as” to another project, they wont show up in the other projects Versions page only in Project Pages.

bumping for visibility
Can anyone point me in a direction or show a workflow where maintaining consistency between project page layouts and filters is not requiring me to redo them in the other projects? I am aware of the project config import, but that does not work efficiently, where for example one set of people refine the task views in one project, and an other set of people refine the versions views in another project. I’d like a way to merge those changes into one.
One currently non existing solution would be to let us have the option to save a page to not one, but multiple projects.

I think you could save a page setup as a global option, then save again into a project and then swap that custom page out in the Navigation for the standard Versions page (for example), but that doesn’t mean the layout would update if you changed it again in that project and saved the new settings. You’re essentially looking to update a global default page, so if you added a new column to the Versions page, it would show up in each currently-active project?

Thank you for the suggestion, sounds interesting. The latter part is exactly what I am looking for. The ability to save a default page layout to other projects as well.

I don’t think that’s possible, and that’s sort of on purpose - that sort of thing would cause chaos in our studio, which is small and we have a bunch of folks that like to work in certain ways, so we wouldn’t want someone saving the Versions page setup in Project A to affect Project B. So you may be facing an uphill battle where you would have to adjust each project.

You could also try the shared filters options - that wouldn’t affect the layout of a page but it would allow you to share a filter to everyone if that sort of thing would be helpful. I’ve haven’t used that one too much but it does allow you to set up a conditions that other folks can take advantage of, and it shows up across all projects.

I see your point. In our studio people are not that SG savvy yet, and it would help if at least the defaults are all the same in each project. At least an option to do it would be nice to have, so that both of our use cases can be satisfied. Thank you for your responses!

Sure thing! I think this help topic does a good explanation of what you can change using global defaults but it does specify that changing those defaults won’t affect existing layouts. So possibly a combo of this and shared filters might get you where you want to be. (This is a good refresher for me too because we’re doing a bit of “spring cleaning” at our studio and I really need to clean up some layouts!)