Apply Project Configuration on several projects

Hey there,

We have several Projects on our Shotgun Website. Each one has been created from a Template Project.

When we need to modify something on this Template Project, we would also like to apply the changes to all the the projects on the website.
For now we are applying the new project config on each Project using Project Actions > Change Project Config, chose the template project and apply the changes, but this is pretty tedious to do on each project.

1 :diamonds: Is there a way to automatically apply a Project Config from a project to a list of selected other projects in one go?

2 :diamonds: We’ll also need people from different teams to design some pages (production team, tech / td…) that we’d like to find on all projects.
What would actually be the best workflow to use ? Should everyone design their pages on the Template Project and then reapply the modifications on the other projects?

3 :diamonds: Is there a way to apply a single page design from another project to the template project?

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Hi! I’m just moving this over to the Shotgun category as it’s probably better suited there.

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For populating page changes across multiple projects I suggest using the page “Global default” system - global default documentation

What I expect this to do in theory:

  • Template Project exists
  • ProjectA, ProjectB, ProjectC are created from Template Project
  • ProjectA “Shots” page In Design Mode:
    • Make changes you want to populate
    • “Save as global default”
  • ProjectB/ProjectC “Shots” page in Design Mode:
    • “Revert to global default”

I’ve had some mixed success with this approach.
When creating a new project from a template, there’s some inheritance / override project configuration options


Thanks for you answer davidma.

Alas, this solution requiers to keep going to each project page to apply the modifications.

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Hi @benwall,

I would like to bump this as I am also looking into a way to apply changes/new pages to already existing projects without having to go manually through all of them.