Set project configuration via Python

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Is there a way to apply a project configuration via the Python API?


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Seems like the field layout_project does seem to be the thing I’m looking for. But apparently, it is not possible to set it once the project has been created. If I try, I get following error:

shotgun_api3.shotgun.Fault: API update() Project.layout_project is editable on create only:
{"field_name"=>"layout_project", "value"=>[{"type"=>"Project", "id"=>95}]}

Somehow it should be possible to edit it, no? I can change the project configuration via the web.

I think changing the layout project after the fact will not have any effect, anyhow.

Are you talking about the toolkit configuration here? It can for example be managed via git.
Read all about it:

Thanks for your reply. You are referring to pipeline configurations of the toolkit. But I am looking for a way to set the project configuration (pages, layouts, display settings…). We are not using the toolkit here, but I’m trying to automate the entire project setup procedure which includes some initial manipulations in Shotgrid as well.

My current work around is to set the layout project field at the project creation which works. My question though stays still valid since I can change the configuration whenever I like via the browser, so theoretically, there should be a way to do that via Python as well. But it does not seem to be exposed in the API.

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I would be interested in an answer to that, too.