Resource Planning Release Notes

Introducing Resource Planning

Released September 27, 2021

As a Producer and Manager, you can now identify where Artists are over-utilized and underutilized across the studio and departments, and can rebalance work easily. Resource Planning views leverage live data in ShotGrid, allowing you to react more quickly to the dynamic nature of production and confidently deliver projects on time and on budget.

Easily Compare the Capacity and Workload of Artists

The new views provide an overview of your studio’s Artist capacity and workload across all projects and departments. Easily see when and where Artists can take on more work or when they have been assigned too much and drill down into the details without leaving the views.

Tip: not seeing Resource Planning in your global navigation yet? Try refreshing your browser (hard-refresh) and then it should appear.

View by Departments or Projects

Department and Project views provide a breakdown of Artist resources and the work assigned. Visualize data by departments across all projects with the Department View, or by each individual project and their departments with the Project view.

Quickly Rebalance Overbooked and Underutilized Artists

Dive into detailed views of an individual department or project and quickly identify Artists who are over or underutilized. Easily pull up an overview of a given Artist’s assigned tasks and adjust task assignments and schedules while staying in the same view.

Customizable Workflows

With robust customizing capabilities, you can tailor your views and data for your unique studio needs.

  • Select custom start and end time range

  • Analyze data in a variety of chart types

  • Configure how Workload is calculated and what it represents

  • Adjust the capacity of each Artist per Project with Bookings and % Allocation, and globally from a People page

  • Incorporate contracted Artists

Setup and Help Guide

As an Admin, you can get Resource Planning up and running at your studio using the in-app tour guide, always available through the help icon help in Resource Planning.


Visit the Resource Planning Admin Guide—also available in Resource Planning via the help icon help—to learn on how to configure Resource Planning to your studio’s needs.

Producers and Managers

Visit the Resource Planning User Guide to learn more about how Resource Planning can elevate your Producing skills to the next level.