8.30 Release Notes

Release date: September 28, 2021

We released the following updates since 8.29:

Introducing Resource Planning

As a Producer and Manager, you can now identify where Artists are overbooked and underutilized across the studio and departments, and can rebalance work easily. Resource Planning views leverage live data in ShotGrid, allowing you to react more quickly to the dynamic nature of production and confidently deliver projects on time and on budget.

To learn more, visit the complete Resource Planning release notes here, and see the documentation: Resource Planning Admin Guide, Resource Planning User Guide.


  • Added an option to the user settings menu that allows users to sign out of Autodesk Identity [SG-23754]
  • Added a contextual banner notifying Admin users about their ShotGrid site’s migration to Autodesk Identity status. [SG-23786]
  • An Invitation to create Autodesk account expiry date column is now visible on the People page. [SG-23784]
  • Removed support for ES5 browsers. Users with older browsers that don’t support ES6 will be redirected to an “unsupported browser” page. [SG-19338]
  • Under Advanced in Site Preferences, added a new control to “Skip invite emails when only sent as notification”. When set to “yes”, we will never send invite emails to newly created and re-enabled users when they already have an Autodesk Identity account. For all other users, the standard invite email will be sent. [SG-23648]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from importing people when they exceeded the licenses available. Instead, users will receive a message with instructions on how people will be created but not activated upon importing. [SG-21802]
  • Added tooltip messaging on how to purchase ShotGrid and link a site to a subscription, and how to control seats to match subscriptions from the People page. [SG-23532]
  • Added a column to indicate whether a user has acquired and assigned a Personal Access Token to their user account. [SG-22544]
  • Added new dialog to help ensure that only designated administrators perform the migration to Autodesk Identity. [SG-23956]

Fixed bugs

  • Solved an issue when reapplying a task template with added tasks in the middle of a dependency chain. [SG-23720]
  • Fixed an issue with the display of available seat counts on the new Person dialog under Autodesk Identity when using Token Flex entitlements. [SG-22561]
  • Added a scroll to menus and sub-menus of the quick search filter. [SG-23606]
  • Fixed the grids refresh button which was not working for summary cells. [SG-22730]
  • Added validation when creating or editing formatting rules. Moving forward, a description and a valid value must be provided upon creating or editing formatting rules. [SG-23795]
  • Fixed an issue which could occur when editing the Links field on a Publish Event page. [SG-23711]
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent displaying a page with duplicate values when enabling the “Ensure unique values per project” feature on a field. [SG-23756]
  • On a custom entity landing page, fixed the display of custom entities in plural form. [SG-10511]
  • Fixed an issue where a malformed email can prevent access to the Identity Migration tool. [SG-23947]
  • Fixed an issue where the Personal Access Token (PAT) creation date was displayed as “Invalid date” in non-chrome browsers. [SG-23944]
  • Fixed the Page History and Stats page hit focus windows that were missing graph source data. [SG-23828]
  • Fixed an issue when event logs were not added after a project was created / cloned. [SG-23879]
  • Fixed an issue when a project field could not be saved on a Note entity global form. [SG-23499]
  • Fixed an issue when a field was created as visible to only one project in some cases could be visible to other projects as well. [SG-23003]
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Bug fix:

  • Removed entity and multi-entity fields as a default option available in quick/page search. They can be selected instead. [SG-23641] (Thursday September 30, 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the infinite loading issue in Resource Planning when Tasks were assigned to Groups on some Department and Project pages. [SG-24059]
  • Fixed a permissions issue where the “Enable Autodesk block welcome email” preference was not saved. [SG-24055] (Monday October 4, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed the infinite loading issue in Resource Planning that occurred with other Tasks assignment edge cases. [SG-24085] (Tuesday October 12, 2021)


  • Warnings will display when a user tries to save a cross-project query field that does not work correctly if shared across projects or if returning data unrelated to the current entity in a project. [SG-23815] (Wednesday October 13, 2021)


  • Updated links to documentation. [SG-23938]

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue issue where some users were required to authenticate 24 hours after logging in [SG-24168]
  • Autodesk Account Status and Autodesk PAT Assigned fields are no longer configurable. [SG-24172] (Thursday October 14, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • [Python API] Fixed an issue where users would get a PAT error despite having it set up, due to SG 2FA being enabled [SG-24196]