Re-Linking existing site to different team / owner

Hi guys, we’d like to move our subscriptions to a different owner and relink the site we currently have to new team. I could not seem to find a clear explanation on how to do it on the web, would you mind to outline the steps in order to do so?

to clarify
we have a site linked to team A of user A who is subscribed for a user licenses.
we’d like to re-link the site to team B of user B and subscriptions linked to user B

thank you,

You’d be best to contact support who can relink the site for you.

Hi @Andriy

Just to add to @Ricardo_Musch 's post.

At this time, the move of a ShotGrid subscription from one team to another can only be done by someone from our Client Services team. This is to prevent interruption of the ShotGrid service to the site’s users.

The same is true if the intent is to re-link the site to another team. Client Service will put the site in a state where it can be linked to the new team. The linking action is, at this time, something that must be done by a Primary/Secondary Admin of the receiving team.

In your support request, also mention the email of the person who will proceed with the re-linking step. This is to ensure that once the site is ready to be re-linked, that person will be able to complete the process. (For security reasons, each site has a list of users allowed to link/re-link it)