ProRes export

Cheerio everyone,
just wanted to ask if support for exporting ProRes via RVIO will be possible in the future or if this is something to work around. :man_shrugging:

Hey Tony,

Thank you for engaging with the community!

What version of RV are you using? We’ve introduced ProRes support with RV 7.6.0. If you have a version that is later than that you should have access to ProRes.

I believe that support extends to RVIO as well. Have you tried writing out ProRes files via RVIO?


Oh hah, actually I confirmed it and we only offer a decoding license for ProRes right now. It means that you can play back ProRes but you can’t use RVIO to write out any ProRes containers.

I’ll put in a feature request for you, but unfortunately the workarounds still apply.


Yeah I was afraid of decoding only :sweat_smile:
Nevermind… then I just work around. But just out of curiosity do you think encoding is something that will be supported in the future?

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Unfortunately I can’t say, since ProRes is a challenging license and requires a lot of steps to acquire.

I think your best bet for now is to find a different way to encode Prores, at least for the foreseeable future.