Prores support?

Will you be supporting Prores playback in the future?

It’s sorely missing from Create and RV :confused:

Hey Ricardo,

Thanks for the feedback. So good news, we just released a version of RV (7.6) that has Apple ProRes support along with DNxHR. We do have plans to also bring this over into Create in the near future but no official timing to announce just yet.

You can find the post here: RV 7.6 is released!



Awesome, sounds like a good start!

Especially since Nuke can’t render DNxHR, proress 444 support would be nice!

Not to hijack a thread, but Nuke can render DNxHR and ProRes you just need to install avid codecs LE



I believe that is what you are missing in order to get HR support

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What version of Nuke are you on?

I have that installed but it doesn’t show up for me.



we are using 11.1v4 so actually an older version than you are…

we do also have this installed:

but you can no longer buy those codecs anymore it seems… but I don’t even see DNxHR listed in the codecs that, that install would allow, just proRes and DNxHD stuff… so not enitrely sure, but those are the 2 codec packs we have installed, and we definitely can produce accepted DNxHR’s we have delivered them to many clients with no compliants, so it works… just a bit of an annoyance getting the right codec packs installed :(… I really hope the foundry will make these natively supported.



I always thought Nuke’s support for codecs was very closed off but this opens up some roads!

Yes, the Foundry should definitely speed up in that area…

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