Playback of Multi Shot Sequences pauses between shots

When playing back multi shot video sequences or cuts in Screening Room or the Media App, users experience brief pauses in playback between every shot. Using a different browser does not appear to solve the issue. Even cuts that are based on a single video file skip between seamless cut points.

I’m surprised, but I can’t seem to find any posts about this issue on the forum. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Keywords: skip, pause, stutter, jump, edit, cut, stall, clip, frame, gap

Seems like this is a known issue from a 2020 post related to ffmpeg transcoding: Transcoding trouble - #4 by andrew.lawrence

From what we can tell, this is not a transcoding issue, but a playback issue in SG’s webapp. The reply from Autodesk indicates that they will soon be releasing an update to the review/media/overlay player that will resolve this, but there is currently no timeline for when the new app will be released.