Transcoding trouble


I have the following settings for playing the uploaded media in the shotgun:


  1. I am uploading a .mov file with a duration of 221 frames. Then shotgun engine performs the Transcoding.

  2. I open a shot and start playing the uploaded movie:

  1. And I see that two additional frames are added to my video, duplicating my last frame. I don’t need these shots, they interfere with watching the shot. How to get rid of them?

(my video starts counting frames from 1, shotgun counts from 0)


Hi @Dmitriy_Lyubimov

Thanks for writing in, we’ll be happy to help out here.

May I enquire as to how your original movie files are being created? Are they re-exported from an application? Are they getting trimmed and saved out? Both?

The reason I ask is that the version of FFMPEG our transcoder runs on has a known issue where if the audio of a movie is slightly longer than the video track, the transcoder will incorrectly interpret this as extra frames.

You can also submit an example movie file to and we can run some tests on our end to see if this is the case.

Let me know how you get on and we’ll be happy to dig in further



Hi, Andrew!

Our original files are created by export from Adobe Premier or Autodesk Maya, no post processing. Yes, I will send a sample file to the specified mail.

Thanks for the quick and friendly response!


P.S. I sent the letter


Thank you so much, I’ve recieved the request. I will run some tests and follow up there.

For those following this post, I will report the results back to this thread.



Hi Andrew - same issue here. Our clips are at 23.976fps with an audio sample rate of 22050hz. We have a video clip that’s 96 frames long. In this clip, the audio file has 88288 samples in total. According to my math, 96 frames should equate to 88288.288… samples. Viewing this in the web app, the clip is showing up as 97 frames long with a duplicate frame at the end.

What was the resolution for the OP?