Unable to review a Cut in ScreeningRoom on the browser

When I open a Cut and attempt to view it using the “Play in ScreeningRoom” (not RV) menu option, the screeningroom gui opens, but no cut is selected, and there’s no way to browse to a cut; only Versions of Playlists.
The same occurs when using RV.

Is there some setup I’m missing here?
Any help appreciated!

For clarity, from a Cut entity page, only one of these menu options appears to work :

“Open in Media App”

Can someone confirm that this is the case?

I can confirm this is the same on ours however I do remember this worked maybe a month or two ago.
Maybe its a bug?

I’ll report this.

Thanks Ricardo!

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Rebecca confirmed it’s a bug and has logged it internally and is testing some more :slight_smile:

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