RV Screening Room not skipping slate frames

Hi all,
I use Screening Room for RV 2021.1.0 on Windows and Mac to view a sequence of shots. All the Versions have the “Movie Has Slate” attribute checked. However, when I play the timeline, the slates are not being skipped. Via the Shotgrid menu in RV I set the session prefs to play full frame range without slate, I’ve tested when source was set to Movie file and streaming.
However, slates are skipped during playback if I use the web browser version of Screening Room. If I uncheck the attribute then the slates are displayed. Seems the web browser version of Screening Room is taking the correct actions.
Anyone else seeing this issue in RV’s Screening room?

I’m facing the same issue in our pipeline here. All our shots start from 1001 in pipeline so we include the slate frame at frame 1000 and publish the review media. The sg_movie_has_slate and sg_frames_have_slate fields are turned on. In RV’s SG integration if I click on Full Range Without Slate option, it does nothing different and the media is played back with the slate frame. The web player seems to behave correctly though. Note that I’m loading the media in RV via its SG Browser extension.

The only way it seems to work is if I use the Cut Length option to play back the media which plays it from 1001 since that’s what we publish on shotgun. However, I would expect RV to behave the same way if the Full Range Without Slate option was used. We are setting the sg_first_frame field on the version to 1000 so that start from 1001 instead so that RV identifies the extra frames as slate frames? Or is there a different setting somewhere to specify the slate frame(s)?

This thread was posted on Sep 2021 and there are no responses yet but I hope somebody from the SG RV team will respond to this.

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For me, the solution was to update to the latest RV, in my case RV 2022.0.x . Our Version’s lacked a value in sg_first_frame. Screeningroom for RV was able to skip the slate frame of a mov file after supplying a value in field sg_first_frame such as the mov’s first frame according to the file’s metadata or a default value of 1 and ensuring the sg_movie_has_slate is set to True.