Playing version does not play last frame

I am running into an issue where playing back an uploaded version on the site it does not play the last frame. On the uploaded movie (MP4) file it has a slate and we have the “Movie Has Slate” checked. This setting does not always work like it should and when it displays the slate is when the last frame getting cut off happens. The majority of the time it fails like this.

We consider the slate to be frame 0 and in our version info here is what we have for the values for a version that has 167 (168 w/slate) frames not including the added slate.
Captured Frames: 1-167
First Frame: 1
Last Frame: 167

I have tried changing these settings and tried changing them to 168 as well as unchecked the Movie Has Slate option. And nothing seems to fix it.
This MP4 though when opened in RV (Streaming) performs as expected always. The slate is not displayed and the frames played back match with the burn in since slate is frame 0.

Any suggestions on why it works like it should sometimes on the site and always like it should in RV? Is there a setting that I’m missing for the site version playback?

So John Tapia set up a Zoom session and it was determined that this issue is happening on Chrome and Firefox but not Safari. I wanted to just update this post here just in case others are experiencing this issue. The engineers are looking into it.

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