Change the Overlay Player or Screening Room to start at a custom frame

For users that would like Overlay Player or Screening Room to start Version playback on frame count 1 (or any other preferred frame number) instead of frame count 0, you can set this by changing the First Frame field on the Version entity to 1. It will not permanently alter your frame range, nor will it cut your media short by starting it at a later frame, it just shifts the frame range so it starts playback on your specified frame.




Thank you Beth on this tip.
To confirm, this only affects the playback start frame for Overlay Player and Screening Room App right?

I had tried updating a few versions in a playlist with this (changing the value to 1) but it still playing the slate frame of the version mov that it loaded.
Please let me know if there’s something I’m missing here.


@nmintrasak, note that as Beth points out:

Also, check out the movie_has_slate field, if that isn’t checked but your movie has a slate, you’ll want to check it.

that was it, the movie_has_slate, thanks Michael!

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