Screening room playback frame range issue

We have an issue where the movie uploaded to a shotgrid version does not playback in the frame range specified by the sg_first_frame and sg_last_frame of that version. I am doing the playback in the screening room in the browser (this issue does not happen inside RV).

For example, our movie is 52 frames long (1 slate + 51 frames) as checked inside RV. sg_first_frame is 1001 and sg_last_frame is 1051 as we do not include the slate in that count. If the option sg_movie_has_slate is checked, the screening room skips the slate, starts playback at frame 1001 but for some reason ends playback at frame 1052 (the last frame is duplicated).

I am wondering if there is a parameter or a way to see what frame range the screening room is using for playback. I would have imagined that the playback ends at the frame specified by sg_last_frame

Thank you for your help!

Have you checked the values of the frame_range field?

Yes, the frame range is identical, it is 1001-1051.
I was wondering… If the uploaded movie is longer than the frame range specified, is the whole file supposed to be read during playback or is it cut at the frame range specified by the frame_range field?

Your file should match the frame range except for the slate frame.

So if your file is 1001-1051 with but you have a slate frame on frame 1000 then your frame range is still 1001-1051 and you set the movie_has_slate field to True.

This will ensure the player skips the first frame.

Now where it becomes more complex is if you use the Play in Cut functionality and import Cut information to ShotGrid.

Then you need to ensure the timecode information is correct.
I.e. your timecode corresponds to the frame info in the edl.