Preventing Version thumbnails from showing the slate


We have a tool that generates a quicktime from frames, creates a Version using the python API, and uploads the movie to the sg_uploaded_movie field. Our tool adds a slate to the first frame of the generated quicktime.

In some cases (eg. HDRIs) this means that the quicktime has only two frames, the slate as the first frame, and then the HDRI image as the second frame. When I upload the movie to a Version though, the automatically generated thumbnail is showing the slate, which isn’t so useful to me. When I play the Version in RV (in Shotgun, RMB->Play in RV), it plays as if it’s a single frame, without showing the slate.

Does the transcoder specifically ignore slate frames? When I use this tool on image sequences tht are longer than one frame I don’t see the slate. Or is it just bad luck that it’s randomly choosing 1 of the 2 frames which has the slate?

I’ve pasted below an example of the dictionary that I’m using to create a version which is 2 frames long, one of them slate. Does this look correct? I can’t find any clear specification on how to set those fields when it comes to slates…

Version created in Shotgun {
‘sg_path_to_movie’: ‘/path/to/’,
‘sg_last_frame’: 1,
‘code’: ‘XXXXX’,
‘description’: None,
‘sg_movie_aspect_ratio’: 1.0,
‘type’: ‘Version’, ‘user’: {‘type’: ‘HumanUser’, ‘id’: 123, ‘name’: ‘XXXXX’},
‘sg_first_frame’: 1,
‘created_by’: {‘type’: ‘HumanUser’, ‘id’: 123, ‘name’: ‘XXXXX’},
‘entity’: {‘type’: ‘Asset’, ‘id’: 123, ‘name’: ‘XXXXX’},
‘project’: {‘type’: ‘Project’, ‘id’: 123, ‘name’: ‘XXXXX’},
‘published_files’: [{‘type’: ‘PublishedFile’, ‘id’: 123, ‘name’: ‘XXXX.%04d.exr’}], ‘sg_movie_has_slate’: True,
‘sg_path_to_frames’: ‘/path/to/theframes.%04d.exr’,
‘frame_range’: ‘1-1’,
‘frame_count’: 1,
‘id’: 123,
‘sg_frames_have_slate’: False,
‘sg_task’: {‘type’: ‘Task’, ‘id’: 123, ‘name’: ‘XXXXX’}

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We have the same issue here for 1 frame (2 with slate) versions. I’m also curious since we haven’t solved it…

you can explicitly specify a frame to use as the thumbnail for a version.

I usually do a sg.update after my version create code, so that I know the version exists before I update the thumbnail with a new one.

Is that what you were looking for?
or am I misunderstanding the question?

as a side note:
i’m not sure an .exr can be used as a thumbnail, we don’t have this issue since all our internal tools first make .jpgs, and create the version off of those to avoid any colorspace issues since we H.264 encode our .mov for size optimization.


Yeah, I’m aware of the manual thumbnail uploading (and might have to resort to it for now :frowning: ) but I was hoping this could be done automatically.

After all, if you’ve told Shotgun that the first frame is a slate, ideally it would understand enough to not make the thumbnail from that slate frame…