How to tell RV to skip first frame of mov source?

Hi all,
I’m viewing a bunch of mov files in RV. The first frame of every movie is the shot’s slate. Is there a way to tell RV to skip the first frame of every mov file? Via GUI or hacking the .rv session file?

I tried setting the Cut In value of each source media item via Gui and command line but this did not seem to have any affect when I played back the media in RV.

I’m using Mac RV Version 7.3.1

Thanks for any tips.


I figured out the issue. The Cut In value is relative the the media source’s, a movie file in my case, notion of start frame number. I viewed each source when the timeline was active and noted the starting frame number and added 1 to the value in order to skip the slate frame.


Hi @achrystie,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner! Thank you so much for sharing your solution with the community, it’s greatly appreciated.

If you’re using the Shotgun Integration package, you can also set Shotgun -> Frame Range -> Full without slate. You’ll need to check has slate field on the version for this to work properly.


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