Play button not working

Hope you are doing well. I was wondering if anyone can guide me on this problem.

Whenever I try to hit play it says playing on the title bar but it wont actually play anything everything seems to work when I scrub the timeline. Just the play bar wont work there are no errors or warnings in the log.

INFO: loaded shotgun config module 'shotgun_fields_config_standard' (D:/Program Files/Shotgun/RV-7.8.0/plugins/Mu/

INFO: using shotgun server ''

INFO: C:/Users/MANISH MALVI/OneDrive - Hasbro Inc/rvRenders/

Hi Manish,

That is very strange, do you know what FPS it says in the bottom-right of the window?


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It is still playing at 0 fps and my default preferences is set to 24 fps.

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It worked when I used a regular set of headphones instead of the USB ones.

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