Timeline and heads up tools not visible

Timeline and all heads up display tools not visible even after pressing F2/F3. Can someone help me. I am using the browser(ctrl+B) to load the shots from my company’s shotgun database.


Hi Manish,

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When you load up RV and try F2/F3, do you have any output in the RV console? You can check that with Window>Console within RV.

If there’s any output relating to errors or stack traces, that might give us a clue as to why the timeline widgets are failing.



Hey Michael,

Thank you for your message the timeline not showing up problem got solved because it said no monitor in the top area now when I move the rv window to my second screen it works.

However, I have another problem that when I click play it does not play.

There is no error as such in the logs with respect to that.

I have made another thread with the current issue that I am facing.

INFO: loaded shotgun config module 'shotgun_fields_config_standard' (D:/Program Files/Shotgun/RV-7.8.0/plugins/Mu/shotgun_fields_config_standard.mu)

INFO: using shotgun server 'https://bouldermedia.shotgunstudio.com'

INFO: C:/Users/MANISH MALVI/OneDrive - Hasbro Inc/rvRenders/sq0225.mov
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