Multiple instances of shotgrid create error

I needed to see how the workflow between a manager and an artist would differ so I logged into both accounts at the same time on two separate shotgrid create instances on my windows 10 machine.

This has caused my machine to no longer load any images into shotgrid create. So I went nuclear and uninstalled the app, followed by deleting all registry entries which had “shotgun/shotgrid” in the name. After a re-install of create I could now see thumbnails but nothing else. When i try to post a new version it fails and shows an image of a spilt cup.

please help. I need shotgrid create.

Hi Ryan,

It is not supported that someone can use two different instances of SG Create on the same user account. Dynamic data, like thumbnails, are saved in the home directory of the user that runs SG Create and the mechanism doesn’t behave well when multiple instances of SG Create tries to write data at the same place.

However, the app should work after a re-installation. Can you please open a support ticket at so we can have a deeper look and see what is wrong? Please share your log file in the ticket (and erase it from this forum as it’s a public site).


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When starting 2 app at the same time, to ‘‘fix’’ the thumbnail problem, you don’t need to uninstall. Simply close all apps and restart will restore the cached data in a good state.

For the problem of posting a new version, it’s a known issue. We have a fix and we just deployed it to production, please update your Create version to latest.



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