Prevent Multiple Instances of SG Desktop?

Is it possible to prevent multiple instances of ShotGrid Desktop from loading? Current behavior is a new instance is started every time a user clicks the program icon. Have seen cases of 10+ SG icons hiding in the notification area. The problem is this can cause errors downloading updated configs if someone switches unknowingly between instances on the same project.

(At least on Windows)…


Yes this has been a thing that we have asked for for a while.

Perhaps a good one to put on the roadmap?
If we all do it, it should get some traction.

A simple Env variable to allow or dissalow multiple launches would solv our issue.


This is an improvement we would appreciate too.


Hey Francois, please send it into the Roadmap page I linked above.
That seems to be the way SG gages what development is important.

Hi @Ricardo_Musch, request sent.

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