ShotGrid Desktop won't load

I receive an error every time I try to load ShotGrid Desktop. Please see attached:

Thank you in advance

Hi @CHolmes

Can you try again, but after having installed the latest version of the ShotGrid Desktop ?
(which you can download from your ShotGrid site, from the Apps -> ShotGrid Desktop menu)

You seem to be using an older version of the desktop,


Hey Patrick, thanks I will install the latest version and let you know how it goes.

Hi Patrick,

Still getting errors, see attached. I was told the latest version of Linux SG Desktop was intalled.

Any help would be appreciated.

From what I can tell it’s the same version, checking on my side also.

Hi @CHolmes

In your screenshot, I observe that you are using tk-desktop/v2.5.13
That version is from January 21st
The latest version is v2.6.0, from May 28th.

Have you fixed your tk-config to an old version of the packages ? If so, can you update it ?

Full disclosure : I am not at Toolkit expert…