ShotGrid Desktop Launching Problem

I have problem when I open ShotGrid Desktop app on my PC.
This issue happened when it was updated to ShotGrid version a couple days ago.
Some information you might need to know: my PC installed Zscaler as my company’s policy. It’s working like a firewall, tracking and blocking unallowed traffic.
Please see the picture below and would love to hear advise from your site. Thanks.

Hi Boc ,

I have the same issue on my workstation as well . I have attached log file as well for this issue .

tk-desktop.log (558.7 KB)

According to @cha 's log, this was an ssl certificate validation failure. You probably need to install some Root CA. There is documentation for this, that I could not find now.

Regarding zscaler, I suppose you might have to add exceptions for certain urls - they are listed here Shotgun ecosystem – Shotgun Support

Thanks @mmoshev ,
We have emailed IT team to help with the Zscaler.
But my concern is that Do we suppose to have a problem with Desktop App anytime it’s updated to a new version?

I guess only the AWS ips change more frequently. Don’t really know, though. We haven’t had any such issues in a while.

Okay, thank you so much

hello goodmorning, can i ask about my Shotgun Desktop, i can’t open it still downloading tk-framework-lmv v0.2.0 (7 to 14 )