I cannot able to view the shotgrid menu in browser for creating folder structure


I have created a new project in shotgrid and i cannot able to create folder structure for the shots in shotgrid browser. Both the desktop and browser are linked. I cannot able to see the option menu for creating folder structure. i can able to create for rest other projects. I am facing this issue only for this project.

We are having multiple branches in multiple locations and We are using a single domain shotgrid. So i dont think we can solve this in command prompt instead it can be done using shotgrid python console (Please correct me if i am wrong).
Screenshot 2024-05-02 125523

Can you please help me out.

Same problem here.
Something has changed on the server side.
We get this error in shotgrid desktop log:

AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\bundle_cache\app_store\tk-framework-desktopserver\v1.7.0\python\tk_framework_desktopserver\server_protocol.py", line 94, in connectionLost
    and reason.value.message[0][2] == "ssl handshake failure"
AttributeError: 'Error' object has no attribute 'message'

dropping connection to peer tcp4: with abort=True: WebSocket opening handshake timeout (peer did not finish the opening handshake in time)

Please fix ASAP


Have you updated core and apps recently? This seems like an ssl issue when connecting to the websocket that provides communication between Desktop and the website. The root cause error is not visible in this log.

Hi @mmoshev and what is the solution?
I have the producers on my back asking for it.
Captura de pantalla 2024-05-02 a les 11.03.10


Same issue on our side and according to me, it’s linked to this:

Hope this gets resolved asap…

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It appears that the issue has been rectified. However, difficulties with folder creation persist.

Hope it will be fixed soon!

Oh, sorry to hear that. It’s solved on our side.

Dear all,

The issue has been resolved on my end. I have updated the toolkit to 1.7.3 and it works. Now i can create folders for all my projects.

Thanks @Kevin_Lmr for pointing me out the right direction.

Have a great day!

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Hi @jeroprasanth! How exactly did you do the update? I can’t find version 1.7.3 :confused:

Nevermind, I found the error, I’m using a custom tk-desktop engine and seems to be the one in charge of update the local desktopserver certificate, that it was expired.


I was using an old version of the engine so, updating it (and updating the desktopserver framework to 1.7.0 version) and singin out and in again make the magic:

@Jaziel Great! man.

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