Media: List of Related Versions to exclude "playable versions"


Is there a way for the list of “Related Versions” to exclude Versions which are non playable in the browser (or in RV for the screening Room)?

Since we publish asset Versions to SG (cameras, animations) they are filling the “Related Versions” Media list, but they are not relevant in the Browser or RV players.

A bit like having the “Streamable in Web/RV” filter from the Media page available within this context.




Hi @jacobg

Thanks for writing in, and reporting this.

Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to apply any filtering to the list of versions displayed via the Related Versions tab. However, I wonder if it may be suitable to utilise the group & sort options to narrow down the versions you want to see?

If you have a field that distinguishes what kind of version it is, you can group by it and then use the dropdowns to hide all of those versions as shown below

You can even use the alt+click keyboard shortcut to collapse/open all groups at once which could help with hiding versions you don’t want to see here.

Having said that, I can totally see a good use case for filtering versions out of this view, if you want to we’d super appreciate you adding this to our public roadmap page.

Apologies we don’t have an ideal solution, but hopefully, the above workaround might help in the meantime.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.



Hi Andrew

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately using combinations of the exiting Sort - Group - Search options doesn’t get us there.
We have tried before with different combinations but the problem is that if you use grouping to get around this issue, it then gets complicated to have your media sorted by the actual parameters you’d like to sort by (i.e. date)

A hack workaround that almost got us there before was this:

  • Set the search Field to “Path to Frames” (the Uploaded Movie field isn’t there)
  • Type “.” in the search field.

Only media with path to frames shows and we can sort it by date using Sort (which is what we are after).
However, we still have media which is not playable in the browser since we couldn’t set the Search keyword to “Uploaded Movie” instead of “Path to Frames”.

I’ll open a request for the “Show only Playable Media” or similar option, I think it will solve a lot of problems here.

The Alt+Click shortcut is great, I didn’t know about that one.




Chasing up on this myself. While the hack also appears to work for us, wondering if there has been any progress on adding filter ability to this page?