How to know when Versions are played from a SG playlist through Screening Room


I’m trying to write a RV plugin where I need to know if the media currently displayed are played because the user opened a playlist using Screening Room. In other terms, the user opens a playlist in the screening room interface, select some or all the versions and play them. I’d like to be able to retrieve the Playlist and Versions SG entities.

Is this something possible? I tried to look at the different events (launching RV with rv -debug events) but could not found the term Playlist anywhere.

Thanks for the help

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That’s a great question, but I’m not sure of how you could do this with the way Screening Room works today.

Presumably it is important not just to know which playlists the version belongs to, but also the specific playlist that you navigated to in order to open the version.

By the time a version makes it into the RV graph from Screening Room, it is merely just a version. You can actually get even more info about what is stored by looking at the property of the RVFileSource. This will be all the retrieved data from Shotgun about the version (as defined by the info fields configuration).

Just going out on a limb, would being able to get all the playlists be helpful, because you could get to it from the data in the info fields?