Screeningroom API - possible to load a playlist with version history?

Hi all,

I am using teh screening room api for a custom AMI that downloads version quicktimes and launched RV for a quick review with the higher quality quicktimes than the servere side transcode.

screeningroom.launch_timeline(‘’, entity_to_load, path_to_rv=rvPath)

When I launch this for a single version I run this with the entity_to_load being a SG version. This launches the timeline in shot context which gives me the version hisroty as well so it’s eaasy to flick between previous and teh current version.

When I need to review multiple versions, which is most of the time, I create a throwaway playlist on the fly fia the AMI, then feed that into the screeningroom call as the entity.
In this scenario the contect is the playlist and I don’t have the version history.

That all makes sense technically, but from a workflow point of view I am wondering if it’s possible to somehow get the version history when launching a playlist?


Just been asked this by production at our studio. Can somebody explain why this may not be possible to do? Thanks