Latest Client Review Site improvements

There were some significant improvements to the Client Review Site in the latest Shotgun release. It snuck through in the release notes without much fanfare, and I feel it deserves a call out!

  • Significantly more screen real estate for the media (for those that know what it looked like before, huge difference!)

  • The ‘Reason for Review’ is up top now with the rest of the notes (and not hidden below where long text would get clipped and be accessible only via a … hover)

  • New Looping options, button, and hot keys

  • Fixed a long-standing broken hot key to advance forward and backwards between clips

I would wager there’s a lot of us out there using the Client Review Site, right? For us at least, we’re thrilled to see these updates–though we still have a few more requests coming your way! :wink:

Thank you Shotgun (Street, Eng, Design, Product, everyone involved)! #shotfun #jasper



Thanks for sharing the good word @Stephen! I have great dreams for the CRS and it’s nice to see it get a little refresh to start. More to come! :crossed_fingers:


Interesting to see that other people use pets as models for Client Review documentation! Typically my CRS documentation write ups feature my dogs.

Easiest way to avoid violating any NDAs and I typically have about 1000 versions of different poses to use as “revisions.” Now I guess I have to update my documentation!


:shotgun: : :cat2: + :dog2: = :peace_symbol: (:tm:)


@jlweiss #challengeaccepted


Cool, playing the videos in sequence was a highly wanted feature, though a couple of hours ago I found that on one of our clients’ computer running Firefox, when turning off the looping, each video stops playing at the end instead of playing the next one.

And a new request arose, our client asked; is there a page where I can see the list of Playlists shared with me instead of searching on the email? This would be very handy.



Great to see improvements on the Client Review site!

Playing the videos in sequence is great. One thing on that topic though is that it would be nice to still have the ability to have the timeline represent one version only. If we have playlist with lots of versions, each segment on the timeline gets really tiny and makes it hard to scrub back and forth for one specific version.



Thanks for the feedback Jonas, you should see a solution to this issue making its way in Shotgun in the next few days.


Maybe this is the wrong place to post feature requests, please let me know if that’s the case.

  1. We have lots of clients that gets very confused when creating their password in the first place. When they get to this page:

They read “Enter your password” and immediately writes to us and says “I don’t have a password, I can’t log in”. I think if the text would say something like “Create a password” instead of “Enter your password”, it would be more clear to them. It’s silly, and we don’t understand why this keeps happening but it does…

  1. Another common issue is that clients try to open playlists in safari from time to time which doesn’t work. It would be helpful if it said somewhere that they should open it in another browser.

  2. I know this one has been requested before, but, approval per client user would be extremely helpful. So that we can easily track with colors or initials who actually did hit the “Approve” button.

Thanks a lot for improving the Client Review site, much appreciated!!



Great to know, thanks!!

I have asked for this same feature! Clients need a portal of some sort for sure.


Hi @jonas.lindfors,

That is some great feedback - the ability to have a portal of sorts for clients to see a summary of all their shared Playlists and Notes/approvals given is probably one of the most common feature requests in the CRS.

Head on over to this post to learn how to get your ideas in front of our Product team and perhaps one day, you can see it come to life!



This is great! Something we’ve wanted a long time for sending clients sequences of animation. I’ll let the production team know about it. :smile:


It would be nice to specify which clients have approval over the items in the playlist. Sometimes multiple people need to see some previews but only one needs to approve it.


Hi @byronnash,

When you invite a user to a playlist on the Client Review Site, you can restrict their ability to See and View Comments which also removes their ability to Approve a Version. In some cases, this could be helpful for you if you don’t want the user to make comments as well.



Thanks for the info @Beth. I’d love a way to have each person invited to the list to be able to approve separately. That way we can track to make sure each department/person has looked at something and approved it.


Yes for sure, I can definitely appreciate the use for that. Feel free to check out our feature request submission process to let the product team know :+1: