Client Review Site -- Have Clients see a list of everything on playlist?

Hey everyone! I have been using the Client Review Site function of SG quite a bit over the last few months and have run into an issue. Clients get confused as to what is actually on the playlist & have difficulty searching for specific versions referenced in emails. Some of our client playlists get to be quite big (40+ versions) and it’s difficult for them to find what they are looking for, especially when the thumbnails are all nearly identical.

Is there any ability to add a menu of what is on the playlist? Something like what is in the screenshot. Or if there’s any workaround to get something like this, I’d love to know.

Hi @jessicawynncole,

Thanks for your message. At this point in time, the Client Review Site is WYSIWYG, meaning, what they see is what’s available. I can appreciate how this would be a useful feature and have heard similar from our Client’s.

Head on over to this post to learn how to get your idea in front of our Product team and perhaps one day, you can see it come to life! The best product ideas are the ones that are accompanied by reasons why/how it would be useful to your production or project.

Thank you!